About us

1 About Yobukan (陽武館)

 Yobukan Itoh Dojo, the 1978 youth healthy desire to nurture positive Mr Itoh is currently a professional years, Highland was founded in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.

   Currently enrolls about 60 members, are putting in sweat practice. Many enrolled members of the dan grades 6-7 and high stage, and now also a student of 30 years ago after a 30 in her mid-range professional guidance and a duck in a child again with Ito.

2 Policy Guidelines

   Everybody who enters our Dojo does not need to be a specialist of Kendo. We would like to help our members to grow in a respectful society.

   The more discipline and respect that is learned the stronger they will be.Kendo is not about winning the game.(Understanding Kendo is not learned simply by winning a match.)

   Sometimes there are strong kids who are trying hard but need focus.We will teach everyone equality.We can train anyone even if they need to learn the basic steps.

   If you need to quit Kendo, we can improve on your skills when you come back.Teaching "Making Basic for Kendo" is the goal we have set for ourselves. We will perform these classes anywhere.

3 Training contents 

  Our Dojo's general membership meetings cover basic training that is appropriate for even the most unpracticed beginner.

 Our basic training courses ensure that our members will be able to gain the skills and discipline necessary to advance.
 Specifically, our teaching processes result in comprehensive skills, one after another.
 Adults cannot have enough training and neither can it reach too great a degree of quality.
 Ever day includes reflections upon the lessons, efforts and ingenuity of the members, with no one left neglected.
 Though training times are brief, the consistent efforts made to build upon these contributions from dojo members as a whole compensate to result in fruitful and effective meetings.