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11.05.12 Upload Blog "The 107th All Japan Kendo Demonstration"

11.04.26 Upload Blog "Pray for Japan"

11.04.20 Upload Movie "The9th All Japan 8dan Tournament"

11.03.14 Upload Blog "Earthquake"

11.03.08 Upload Blog "The Ninth Kanagawa kendo Festival"

10.08.22 Upload Bolg "Summer Camp"

10.08.22 Upload New Albam "Summer Camp" 

10.08.08 Upload Blog "Summer Training"
10.08.08 Upload New Albam "Summer Training"

10.07.21 Upload Blog "The operation of smell"

10.07.15 Upload Blog "The Basic Method of Kendo Training"

10.07.12 Rebuild "Link page"   Go to "Ippondo"

10.06.06 Rebuild "Link page"

10.06.02 Upload Blog "Advice of the Kancho vol.2"]

10.05.26 Upload Blog "The 4-dan exam"

10.05.13 Upload Blog "New Members"

10.05.10 Upload Movie "All Japan Kendo demonstration match"

10.05.09 Rebuild "Top page"

10.04.22 Upload Blog "Too Late"
10.04.19 Upload Movie"All 8dan Championships"
10.04.12 Upload Blog "Tsubadome"
10.04.01 Upload Blogs "Before & After"
10.03.29 Changed Header of HP
10.03.28 Upload Blogs "The workshop in Hakone"

10.03.24 Upload Blogs "2010's schedule conclude"

10.03.07 Upload Blogs "the 8th Kanagawa Kendo Festival"

10.02.26 Change the Flash Movie of top page

10.02.20 Upload Blogs "Advice by Kancho"
10.02.12 Seperated Hosen-Photos from 2009
10.02.06 Upload Blogs "Found A Funny Movie!!"

10.02.03 Upload Blogs "☆2000hits☆"

10.01.27 Upload Blogs "Degeiko the second"

10.01.16 Upload Blogs "Degeiko"
10.01.10 Upload Photos "Kangeiko" and "Kagamibiraki"

10.01.10 Update Blogs "Kagamibiraki"

10.01.07 Update Blogs "Kangeiko the 3rd day"

10.01.04 Update Blogs "A Happy New Year"

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