Basic Skills of Kendo with Wooden Sword

Nihon Kendo Kata

There are a total of 10 forms which make up the Kendo kata; 7 long sword and 3 short sword kata.

The stances are stated below, but kendo practitioners don't use these terms.

Kendo practitioners sometimes use the terms in the parentheses below.

•Long sword -7 kata 

◦1st:Hidari jodan vs Migi jodan(Men nuki Men)
◦2nd:Seigan vs Seigan (Kote nuki Kote)
◦3rd:Gedan vs Gedan (Tsuki kaeshi Tsuki)
◦4th:Hasso vs Wakigamae(Tsuki kaeshi Men)
◦5th:Hidari jodan vs Seigan(Men suriage Men)
◦6th:Seigan vs Gedan(Kote suriage Kote)
◦7th:Seigan vs Seigan(nuki Do)
•Short sword -3 kata
◦1st:Hidari jodan vs Chudan hanmi
◦2nd:Gedan vs Chudan hanmi
◦3rd:Seigan vs Gedan hanmi