Competition 2010

The106th All Japan Kendo demonstration match

Please watch the videoes they were published some of the Kyoto-Taikai.

May 3rd-5th, 2010 - at Butokuden Kyoto 

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The8th 8-dan Kendo Championships 2010

1st Shinji Funatsu (Osaka)

2nd Keio Sato(Hyogo)

3rd Yoshimi Higasi(Aichi)

3rd Toru Kamei(Kumamoto)

2010.04.18 at Nagoya ,Aichi-ken

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The 8th Kanagawa Kendo Festival

Here are the movies of The 8th Kanagawa Kendo Festival.

[Itoh hanshi - Shinozuka hanshi]

[Competitions of kyoshi 8dan's teachers]

・Miyake kyoshi - Matsubara kyoshi

・Miyazaki kyoshi - Okami kyoshi

・Tagashira kyoshi - Oshiba kyoshi

・Takei kyoshi - Okami kyoshi