Pray for Japan

A month in a half has passed since the huge earthquake.


A variety of support from around the Japan and the world have brought relief to disaster areas.


Let's continue activities that support the areas even if it is small things and regain healthy a Japan.


Meanwhile, I found a movie to support and help cheer on Japan and uploaded it to the web site.


We the Japanese people will always have our self-confidence and pride.


So, let's think and work together!!


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    Ifar (土曜日, 12 11月 2011 00:14)

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    Seth (水曜日, 23 11月 2011 23:54)

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    mobilní domy (金曜日, 23 3月 2012 22:39)

    Appreciate your details

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    Tóma (木曜日, 05 4月 2012 06:46)

    will come back before long

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    Indian turban (木曜日, 21 2月 2013)

    Right you are! I must be blind or something. My bad! I updated it now so it has all the notes. Thanks for checking it!