The earthquake happened in the north-eastern region 3 days ago.

It's always on the news, keeping us updated everyday.

We know the fear of earthquakes.

Fortunately, we never hear report of heavy damage in our town.

But the wide-spread effects of the earthquake are coming slowly.

There were heavy traffic lines of people buying gas today and yesterday in the town.

There may be shortages of flashlights, batteries, food, and so on.

We can't avoid encountering confusion after today.

In this situation, we must never forget that there are a lot of people who are waiting for our help, who are working rescue operations without sleep or rest, and need volunteers to help them.

We need to think of what we can do, and act. For we are inhabiting campanions of the same nation.

Try to save power and turn off the lights when they're not needed.

I think we can contribute, even if in small ways.

The earthquake took away many people's lives in an instant.

Even still, there are many people who cannot contact their family or friends.

But many people from Japan and around the world are supporting them.

We hope for a fast recovery and to be saved as many lives as possible with a little support...