The workshop in Hakone

The workship of Yobukan Itoh Dojo was held from the 27th to 28th of March in Hakone.


Training took place at the Elementary School Gymnasium.


At night, training was moved to Kagetsuen-Hotel and we sweat there.


The manager was absent it because of my work.


I got some pictures immediately.


So I uploaded them.


I heard that we could have a good kind of training which we can't usually experience in the Dojo through this workship because teachers from other Dojos participated as well as teachers of our Dojo.


Thinking "I will participate in it next year." every year, I am waiting this season.


I would like to take part next year and hope to report my experience here.



I published the workship situation to the Photo Gallery.

【Go to the Photo Gallery】(please click here)


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