A letter from France

letter from France was sent to the manager of our website.

He is a student who has participated in our Dojo.

He had been coming to the Dojo ever since he was six years old up until age 11.
And now he is in France for Schooling.
I wrote him back immediately.
I told him that I would like to display his mail in detail at this website.
Honestly, i have never thought that i would get a letter from overseas.
I'm so glad that were opening our website.
I would like to influence more people who are interested in Kendo by asking them to take a look our website.
Furthermore ,we need your cooperation please.
So, if you don't mind please help me out.


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    Charles (土曜日, 26 11月 2011 20:50)

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    Jan (水曜日, 04 4月 2012 07:44)

    will return shortly

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    Vasek (火曜日, 17 7月 2012 14:30)

    will return shortly

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    Sezgin (火曜日, 17 7月 2012 22:57)

    THX for info