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The 107th All Japan Kendo Demonstration

All Japan Kendo Demonstration is the place where over 3000 Kendo players from the whole of Japan and the world are trying to show their achievements of practice for four days from every second of May.


Even the Director and some of the teachers from our training centre take part in it every year.


Teachers who have participated in it  before said that if we ever play in the Kyoto's Butokuden just one time, the experience makes us want to participate again every year.


I have heard that Kancho's Golden Week must be for All Japan Kendo Demonstration.


I would like to participate at least once.


I suddenly found a movie like below.


Did you realise who he is by looking at his Kendo skills and build?


Ofcourse he is a teacher from our training centre!!

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Yobukan Itoh Dojo

Kanagawa Prefectural Police honor Normal Vice Chairman
Kanagawa Prefecture Kendo Federation
Yokosuka Kendo Federation President
  Mr. Harufumi Ito  
    (Hanshi 8 Dan)

You need one skill, to attack your opponent, to break your opponent and beat your opponent in desperation.

☆ In practice it is important to emphasize this process.
☆You need to have a strong spirit, attitude, and interval・・・・
☆ Stick to your ability to expand the details of practice .
☆ In Yobukan, we practice basic training by focusing on the process under Mr. Ito.



『Kendo Jidai』

 Published on Jun 2011


The techniques of hitting Men

As there are charismatic teachers of legend in the University of Tokyo's largest prep passing rate,there are legendary charismatic leaders in the Dojo which boasts a success rate.  

 『Kendo Jidai』

 Published on May 2008


 Development empowerment examination raised the pass rate of one practice Ascent Stage 6


『Kndo Nippon』

 Published on July 2008


  "Strengthening basic"
    Teaching beginners comprises 128 items